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Dating buzz words

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Men have a 28 percent higher chance of getting replies when they use "women" rather than "girls and a 31 percent higher chance if they use "whom."The two activities prized in both women and men are yoga and surfing. (As for the passive activities: Listening to Radiohead and watching Homeland.)There you go.

or When we are kissing, my meditation will be about breakfast. I met my fiance late last year (after just a few days of subscribing) and now we are set to get married in September and it's all thanks to you. She is my best friend, my partner in crime and my soul mate.When we met for the first time, it felt like we had known each other for a lifetime. We are eternally grateful to this site for making us believe in true love again!Adventurous and spontaneous don't mean anything out of context. It's just not possible." While Matt doesn't doubt that, in fact, these women lead interesting and fun lives, the real issue is the ubiquity of buzzwords that portray users as less nuanced and unique than they actually are."Once you've seen five people in a row who all say they are 'spontaneous,' it doesn't mean anything anymore. : It's not just the ladies who have a tendency to opt for cliches in lieu of revealing anything personal.We're all guilty of dropping trite keywords into our profiles."' Likes to travel' is the dumbest thing ever," Alecia, 30, said of dating self-descriptors.

"No one doesn't like to travel.""If I see one more dude put 'friends and family' down on Ok Cupid as 'one of the six things I can't live without,' my eyes will permanently roll back into my head," Cat, 26, told it's a word for people who describe themselves as attracted to intelligence.

Wired magazine assembled a number of infographics earlier this month of what makes for the most attractive online dating profile.

They even included a list of the most appealing words used by men and women in their profiles. Feel free to use these in your “About Me” to attract a mate! ‘Charmed meditations.’ Europe is over the ocean, and maybe there’s sushi there?

He began to collect "buzzwords" that kept coming up in the profiles of women on the app.

Matt and two of his buddies realized that all their matches were describing themselves as "spontaneous," "adventurous" and "laid-back." Their profiles were reading nearly identical.

My teachers shuddered and said I would never find a nonfiction companion for passion and mating.