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Dating and relationship plan

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I still remember the day Kevin told me what he had in mind for our two-week old relationship. His purpose was to make a plan for how our relationship would proceed. As someone who hadn't dated much, I was a little surprised by Kevin's proactive approach; but I admired it.

We hadn't even held hands yet, but during that time we established some specific physical boundaries. Theirs are tales of extreme discipline, willing sacrifice and unswerving focus.Not only is sexual purity something God commands; it is the absolute best foundation for a godly relationship.Talk with your significant other about what level of physical relationship you want to maintain and then strategize on how to make that happen.At that point, reevaluate the boundaries you have established and adjust where needed to continue on the path of purity.The extra effort is worth the benefits of a godly relationship. Many new couples struggle to figure out the balance when it comes to forming a spiritual connection.Only a handful of our friends knew we had begun dating, but Kevin talked about his desire that our relationship would be a godly example to others. Olympic athletes do not end up on the podium by chance.

We even discussed problems we'd had with earlier relationships and how we planned to do things differently this time. They set a goal — to win a gold medal — and they dedicate their entire lives to achieving that objective.

Here are four important areas in which couples can chart their relationships: Physical.

The best time to plan physical boundaries is at the very start of relationship, before a physical relationship has even begun.

This may require setting a curfew, pulling in others for accountability or avoiding time alone.

Be specific in your plans, especially if you have struggled in this area in the past.

For example, the first few weeks of a relationship may not be the best time to reveal all your deep, dark secrets.