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Dating an officer in military

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I'm almost certain that my BN CO (who I've served with before and knows me much better) is aware of her status but has not said anything to me. If you are concerned about UCMJ liability there is probably none.

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My plan was foiled, however, when Hurricane Hermine struck the coast and left me stuck at home with my family, where we all got drunk and played a full game of Monopoly. Be sure to remember the Jag Officer's name, and record the dates and times.Bringing a foreigner to the US is difficult, even if you marry they may be subject to deportation, I had seen this once in my Military Career (a enlisted married a Portuguese girl and the US was still trying to deport her after bringing her to the US). The only potential UCMJ liability would be some sort of agreement/order prohibiting you from a relationship with a foreign officer.Having myself been on both sides of the enlisted and commissioned officer ranks of the Army, and given the high military divorce rate, and the fact female military officers are not inherently inclined to being Suzie Homemaker for career enlisted soldiers, and throwing cultural differences into the pot, does not give one the warm fuzzies this is a match made in Heaven.It would suck to be saddled with child support during the second half of your career (and beyond) to an ex who is a Danish national living in her home country.She is not planning on staying in the military but does not want to leave yet and I'm a lifer.

My company CO knows about the relationship but not her status as a Officer.

When OP emailed me that his question was resolved I let him know, not in so many words, the same advice - to protect his assets.

There are two ways to learn mistakes, either vicariously or through personal experience.

Schedule a meeting with a Jag Officer and ask if (1) Can you date/marry an Officer of a Foreign Military and (2) What would be the impact.

Don't be afraid of "spilling the beans" as this is a consultation and they are required to give you advice, free of charge and better than anything you will receive on this forum.

I find it unlikely, because she is not in the KGB and the US is on friendly terms with the Danes.