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Dating a woman in an open marriage

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” You have to reflect on your values and emotions, and think, “Do I want the benefits and drawbacks of monogamy or do I want the benefits and drawbacks of non-monogamy?For my husband, it’s more of a sexual thing, but I need a connection with someone — we go for drinks and dinner first. The impact on marital sex: It has been nothing but great for our own sex life.I read someone saying that monogamy was bad for their libido and I agree. My husband brings stuff back to our bedroom — he’s a little kinkier.I think you can choose to work through your jealousy and grow tremendously as a person.Meeting new people: At first I used Tinder, but recently I’ve been wanting to meet people more naturally.He wanted to learn how to do ropes, but I wasn’t willing to be his guinea pig.

He can practice with someone else, refine his skill set and come home to do it with me!

I can’t see us going back to completely closed; I kind of forget other people don’t live like this.

Telling friends: It’s funny to see friends’ reactions — I’ve gotten a lot of, “Oh that’s so great but I could never do that.” I’m sharing this about .

I teach yoga and there are male students who I think would be into it.

I also put it out there to one of my guy friends, and we’re going to hang out soon.

It was a little too close to home, so we ended it before it got serious. I had the urge to turn to my husband for comfort but it felt like too much to ask. Nobody should be made to feel like they need to keep their love a secret. Voicing needs: I would broach the topic of non-monogamy with Gregory every two or three years — But, nope. Every relationship is going to involve compromises, so that was okay with me.