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Dating a tech guy

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This information could help people decide whether they want to ditch or keep dating a person — essentially to see whether a partner "could actually change." EHarmony, Ok Cupid, and all have their own algorithms based on personality traits and location.

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By 2030, the researchers imagine a world where we record and share our break-ups as Vines or another future platform.By 2040, you may be able to hold someone's hand before you actually "meet" them IRL.With new VR technology, we might not only be able to see and hear other people, but touch and smell them too.We could eventually rely on big data to make better long-term relationship decisions, like who to date, when to get married, and how many children to have.The report imagines that "telepathic computers" could one day also predict a partner's behavior before it happens by studying blood flow patterns to the brain.And, sometimes, we just want to go home and get in our pajamas and sit on the couch and do work from our laptops while eating take-out.

For our mothers, traditionally, that was unacceptable.

"NWhen someone touches or feels something, the tattoo, called Under Skin, will glow a personalized pattern.

For example, when a person holds their partner's hand, the tattoo may glow in the shape of a pentagon to express love.

Forget swiping right on Tinder — dates in VR could make things a whole lot easier.

In 2015, people have already popped the question in VR.

In the future, people may not be limited to the singles in their city.