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Dating a stanley block plane

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James, Tom Tangen, Jazzie Mahannah, Jolene Purdy, Stuart Stone, Gary Lundy Actors: Tom Cruise, Max von Sydow, Steve Harris, Neal Mc Donough, Patrick Kilpatrick, Jessica Capshaw, Richard Coca, Keith Campbell, Kirk B.

It's easy and economical to build, carries a big load, and demonstrates uncanny performance under oars or sail.If you start adding stuff, very quickly you don't have a light, economical boat any more." What eventually motivated Harris to create a new design was a single persistent request: "60 out of every 100 questions I get about the Northeaster Dory are about where you can put a motor." The answer, he says, is, "Nowhere.There just isn't a place to put it, and regulations both here and in Europe require motorized vessels to carry a large volume of built-in flotation.Everyone starts with the "base" kit, which includes everything you need to make a rowing boat, basically.To this you may add an outboard well, or a sailing rig, or both, or neither.The easily-driven dory hull, with a narrow waterline and fine ends, is suited to small outboards or electric motors.

In tests, a 4-stroke 2-horsepower Honda outboard was sufficient to push the boat to a hull speed of about 6.5 knots.

While the Northeaster Dory has found fans on five continents and amassed an impressive catalog of adventures, six years of flat-out Northeaster Dory production has led to an accumulation of requests for modifications and variants. Harris, who resisted the temptation to complicate the original design.

"The Northeaster Dory works because it's a gigantic amount of boat for the money, and quick and easy to build.

Elegant and straightforward to build from a kit or plans, this is an ideal boat for family outings, beach cruising, Water Tribe-style expeditions, or just gliding through the marshes.

In 2014 we shipped our 500th Northeaster Dory design.

This puts the outboard within easy reach of the crew.