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Gets rapped high on the pads and the players appeal. Hardik Pandya sticks his hand out to his left to take the catch but it does not stick. Uncntrolled shot from Mendis off Kumar earns him four crucial runs. So we do have to bat well at any stage of the game. We have brought good momentum into the game, but we need to play good cricket today to win. Maybe for the next one we will look to do something different. Riding high on confidence after demolishing arch-rivals Pakistan in their ICC Champions Trophy 2017 opener, defending champions India will look to produce another dominant show against Sri Lanka on Thursday and book their spot in the semi-final.Yuvi has been playing well since his return, had a decent IPL as well and he comes to England and gets runs. On the back of a disciplined performance with both bat and bowl, Virat Kohli and his men thrashed Pakistan by 124 runs and they will start as overwhelming favourites against their sub-continent rivals Sri Lanka, who would be demoralised after a heavy defeat against South Africa.

And maybe those ugly women do not let the husbands have sex with them, and any sane man would never feel like fucking a Sinhali woman.Gets a thick outside edge past the keeper for a boundary. Another boundary from Gunathilaka off Bumrah to end the over. Gunathilaka pushes it towards the mid on region and calls for a quick single. Full on the stumps, Gunathilaka drives it back past his partner and beats mid on. SL 7/0 in 3 overs 19.26 IST: India's bowling spearhead at the moment, Umesh Yadav starts confidently from the other end as he gave away just two runs from his first over. Slower delivery on a shorter length, Jadhav shuffles across and goes for the pull. Full toss outside off, Jadhav shuffles across and plays a slog sweep which goes over the mid-wicket region for half a dozen. Does not time it well and the ball goes straight to the fielder at long off. Fuller delivery outside off, Dhoni drives it towards long off for a single. Slower delivery down the leg side, Jadhav clips it neatly past the keeper for a boundary. Gets it over the cover region but cannot find the desired power. Full toss into the pads, Hardik shows his bottom hand power as he clips it over the mid-wicket region for half a dozen. Slower delivery sprayed down the leg side, Dhoni clips it fine down the leg side for a boundary. IND 251/3 in 43 overs 18.10 IST: 250 comes up for India. He needs to get his line right and make Dhawan drive. They are 32/0 in 7 overs 15.28 IST: Great over for India! 14.53 IST: Saba Karim reckons that the wicket is a new one and has good grass covering on it.Fuller delivery around off, Gunathilaka smashes that straight down the ground for a boundary. Virat Kohli charges towards the ball to affect a run out but he cannot collect it cleanly. SL 4/0 in 2 overs IST: Gunathilaka survives a direct-hit as Jadhav misses the stumps on the fourth delivery of the over, SL 2/0 in 1 over 19.19 IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar start the proceedings for India, Sri Lankan openers Niroshan Dickwella and Danushka Gunathilaka come out to the centre. Gets a top edge on it and the ball goes over the square leg region for a boundary. Jadhav hits Perera for a boundary to deep square leg. Fuller delivery outside off, Jadhav shuffles way across and sweeps this one from the vacant mid-wicket region for a boundary. Chandimal settles under the sitter and takes it comfortably. Wrong line again from Sri Lankan bowlers on the last ball of the over. That's been a fluent knock from the Indian wicket-keeper. IND 289/5 in 47 overs 18.31 IST: The onus will now be on Dhoni and Jadhav to give India a strong finish. The ball flies towards the fielder at sweeper cover. He adds that since it has never been used before, it doesn't have any cracks on it for the spinners and with the overcast conditions and the hard surface, the team batting first will find it tough. Gunathilaka flicks this towards backward square leg and quickly calls for the second. Fuller around off, Rohit comes down the track and lofts it over the mid off fielder for a boundary. This time Rohit pulls it away to backward square leg. With this the 100-run opening stand also comes uo between the two. Maybe not precisely, but Virat Kohli's bowling change has done the trick, in a way at least.So, they kill them and feed their sadistic ego, because even the ugliest (there are not any though) of the Tamil will not be agreeing to have consensual sex with them, and even these ugliest (I repeat, there are no ugly Tamil women at all) Tamil women will be pretty and beautiful than the best Sinhali woman ever.

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I hope world leaders would unite against Sri Lanka and isolate the country from the rest of the world.kathir March 19, 2013 am (Pacific time)Now thanks to channel 4, the new evidence of the killing of prabakaran's son is thrown to light, now the whole world should know what the ****ing srilankan army and its administration has done to the innocent tamils who once lived in peace, in srilanka, but now they are not alive.

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Jadeja floats this one around middle and leg, Mendis comes down the track and clips it over the wide mid on region. The ball just falls short, sticks in the turf and that beats Yuvraj to the fence. The southpaw is leading his side from the front and will look to continue with the bat. They will look to improve their run-rate a bit now. Flies past the slip fielder and away to the third man boundary. 19.48 IST: Bhuvneshwar bowls a brilliant over, gives away just 5 runs. Sri Lanka off to a start they wouldn't have wanted. Banged in short by Umesh, signalled wide by umpire. The helicopter shot comes out but this time it goes straight to the fielder! Full toss just outside off, Dhoni accepts it with a smile and sends that packing well over the mid-wicket region for a 86 meter maximum. Fuller delivery outside off, Dhawan swings his bat to it. Kusal Mendis settles under it and takes it comfortably. Pierces through the gaps and beats both the fielder in the deep for a boundary. Luckily he misses because had he hit, Rohit would've been gone. Well directed short delivery into the batsman, Shikhar goes for the pull. Length delivery around off, Shikhar steps out of his crease and drives it on the up through the cover region for a boundary. Dhawan finishes the over with a boundary off Malinga. This Indian opening line-ups is difficult to keep them quiet for long. Fuller delivery outside off, Dhawan leans into it and creams it through the extra cover region for a boundary. IND 17/0 in 5 overs 15.22 IST: So far the Sri Lankan pacers have managed to keep the Indian openers quiet. 15.20 IST: Looking at the conditions, Sri Lanka have gone in with four seamers - Malinga, Lakmal, Thisara Perera and Nuwan Pradeep. With two slips in place, we are all set for the first ball. 14.55 IST: Meanwhile, take a look at India TV's video analysis for the match.

20.40 IST: 100 comes up for Sri Lanka in 19.2 overs. SL 98/1 in 19 overs 20.32 IST: A good over from Jadeja. India, on the other hand, are looking for wickets but not that successful. Good length delivery outside off, Gunathilaka goes hard at it. 19.29 IST: Another tidy over from the wily Kumar makes life tough for the Lankan openers. Full and wide outside off, Dhoni goes for it and tries to play his orthodox shot. IND 297/5 in 48 overs 18.37 IST: Fifty for Dhoni off 46 balls. Full and wide outside off, Pandya throws his bat at it. A poor delivery by Lakmal and Pandya does not miss out! A superb knock from the Indian opener comes to an end. IND 261/3 in 44 overs 18.12 IST: Two dot balls from Malinga to end the over. IND 36/0 in 8 overs 15.32 IST: Malinga is bowling too full which is allowing Dhawan to play through the line. Gets a top edge on it and the ball flies over the keeper's head for a boundary. Meanwhile, it has been a cautious start for the Indian openers so far. IND 12/0 in 4 overs 15.14 IST: Good second over from Malinga. 14.54 IST: Both the teams along with the match officials are out in the middle and it is now time for the National Anthems.

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