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Dating a girl with spina bifida

If it was someone who needed help getting into/out of a wheelchair, or needed to be bathed, For me it would depend on the disability because in a dating relationship I want someone that can go snowboarding, mountain biking and someone that can satisfy me in bed. When we met, he had on prosthetics so I didn't really notice.I don't think I would want to sacrifice those things. When I asked him to dance, he told me he had didn't have legs. Just because somebody's disabled doesn't make them any less of a person.

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A disability isn't going to stop me from being friends with someone, but now I would much prefer to have a partner who can do the same activities WITH me.She said the animals were dehydrated, living in cramped quarters and malnourished and two foxes had to be euthanized on the spot."Most importantly to us, for the next 15 years, he won't be able to own or have the control or live with any animals with the only exception of mink," said Gaillard.Having said that I'm not looking for a woman in a 'chair but if she were to appear in my life I don't think I'd discount or overlook her because of her disability.Ok for me i would date a person with a disability depemding also on the disability.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.

Like Uberteddy , I would say it would depend on the diability and my own ability to deal with it.

I have nothing against disabled people, and actually am friends with a lot of my clients.

If it was a slight disability that only entailed use of a crutch/cane or whatever, that's no problem.

Also I have a disability so when i date i also have to take that all into account and how it effects me or her. Hi there bookyone, Well I guess this is a challenging question.

For me have a disability , but that is not the sum total of a person. I guess there is the question of compatability of either 2 persons party the dating. HIS FEET WAS HURTING SO I TOOK HIS SOCKS OFF AND LOTIONED THEM FOR HIM. I TOLD HIM TO BE THINKFULL HE HAS THEM AND HIS LEGS.

"If he does continue to raise mink for fur, that'll have to be done under veterinary supervision with reports being provided to the SPCA on a regular basis." She said what's most horrific is that standard conditions for wild animals bred for commercial purposes are perfectly legal.