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Dating a drug addict

That was it." Her journey and descent began with the use of painkillers, Lintz said.

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She stayed clean for the entire time she breastfed her daughter, Lintz said.Lintz said she tried for years to get him to rehab, but he ultimately began using heroin.At first, she said, she didn't try the painkillers."I didn't want to be using but I didn't know how to cope." The drugs, she said, were there, and "I did it." Her baby, just 6 months old, was home while she was using heroin, Lintz said. She attributes her deep faith with guiding her toward recovery. It's brought me to a place where I'm so happy, mentally and spiritually.Ultimately, Lintz found help at a methadone clinic. I haven't done drugs in three years now and I'm working hard. "I feel like I went through everything I did, for a reason." And now, she's committed to helping others, speaking at places such as a local college.Lintz, who lives in Hicksville, has a story that echoes across Long Island and the United States: She was, she said, raised in a good family with parents who loved her and her three younger sisters.

And yet she always struggled with ADHD and anxiety. "When I first started drinking in excess, at 14 or 15, I was always just trying to get out of myself.

She was attracted to relationships where she felt she could "save" someone, "to try and help them.

That was my passion, to try and help people." One man she dated was addicted to painkillers.

That led to 9-month stay at rehab, followed by time spent in a sober house.

Next, Lintz went back to college, where she worked toward a degree for a career counseling those struggling with drugs and alcohol.

After rehab, she fell off the proverbial wagon, Lintz said.