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Dating a cross dresser

My soon to be second ex wife knew I dressed femininely and even knew I had two small TV based businesses going.

There was a wonderful breeze blowing up the stairwell that connected the floors, and I was in the middle of a twenty four hour period all cross dressing. I decided to go up on the pool deck and relaxe in the screen house wearing just panties bra and half slip.I decided that I would be really brave and I stopped at a 7... and was in the changing room trying a dress on when my cell phone rang. She almost never calls my cell phone so thought it might be something important so I answered it.As I was standing there in my bra and panties talking to her the sales lady walked up and said...I use to help out a lot and became a favourite of the sweet young woman Claire (probably ~35) who loved all the help...A couple years ago my family was out for the night so I decided to dress in my sisters clothes.(I'll post something on one of the other crosdressing... I did have my clothes with me incase anyone came home.

While sitting there in my lingerie enjoying the hot...

I had my girlie stuff with me and I got all dressed up and made up and I went out for a drive. She lived neer to me therefore I signed her to my friend. Unfortunately I was really shy and I don't dare write to her. I froze with fear when I heard him because of how I was dressed.

I was nervous going out dressed but I like the thrill of it. Clearly visible in a black skirt, black tights and...

So, one time just short of my twentieth birthday, when I had a doctor's appointment for a physical, I had to go wearing womens underwear. As I always had a longline bra on, I had to keep a thick school uniform pullover on in order to hide the signs. I didn't know until he was already at the top of the stairs.

I wasn't scared or anything cause I didn't know it was not "normal".

In highschool my GF found out and she told all her...