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Danica patrick dating dale earnhardt jr

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Temper outbursts in auto racing aren't unique to Patrick.Hitting someone else's car -- either intentionally or unintentionally -- often triggers payback.

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Stenhouse eventually learned what Earnhardt said Saturday."She'll chill out," Earnhardt said.NASCAR has plenty of drivers who've had screaming matches and physical altercations on the track or along pit road after losing their tempers. Still, Patrick remains among the best at losing it, and she has had some interesting (and unrepentant) things to say about it. Chime in with a comment if we missed any worthy incidents.1.Mixing it up with racing royalty: Saturday's meltdown has vaulted into the lead for a lot of reasons.Plus, Patrick drove from 2010-12 for the race team Earnhardt partly owned, and the two are friends.On top of that, Earnhardt apologized profusely and publicly after Saturday's race, admitting that he probably erred by continuing to race too hard when he was having brake trouble.He is a repeat offender when it comes to purposely hitting her. The boyfriend trilogy of wrecks: Once Patrick and fellow driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

As such, Cassill had it coming."At some point in time, I have to stand up for myself, or everybody's going to do it," she told reporters. revealed they were dating in January 2013, a lot was made of what might happen if they ever wrecked or had to battle hard in races. Patrick and Stenhouse have so far been involved in three incidents, and they were publicly philosophical about two of them: a July 2013 pileup that Patrick started at New Hampshire that swept up Stenhouse, and a September 2014 incident late in a race at Chicagoland Speedway.

"I don't like having to do that," Patrick continued. Patrick grabbed his fire suit and shook him, then thumped him on the chest with the back of her hands."What are you doing? " Patrick exclaimed while launching into a two-minute tirade inches from Hamlin's face as Hamlin tried to calm her down.3.

Wagging a finger at Regan Smith: Outsiders thought it a bit unfair that Patrick seemed to get a lot of attention for doing the windshield-wiper wag at Smith after they were involved in a 2012 wreck at the same Bristol Motor Speedway race in which Tony Stewart, a fellow hothead, lost it worse.

Her contract with Stewart-Haas Racing ended with the conclusion of the most recent Cup Series season, and she will not return to the team.

Danica Patrick admits she would like to have won more races by now on top of winning the pole for the 2013 Daytona 500 and having the best finish ever by a woman at the Indy 500 (third in 2009). That competitiveness and hotheadedness has been a combustible and sometimes unintentionally hilarious combination for her.

Earnhardt is one of the most popular and most sympathetic figures in racing dating back to his father's death in a crash at Daytona.