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Seven different lines of reef had been taken up over an extent of country 16 miles in length. John Deane and William Pocock erected a mill, "The Black Dog," at the Broughton. The land taken up by the proprietors extends to about 500 acres."The country passed through between Townsville to near the Burdekin Downs is very barren and uninteresting—the formation in general red granite; and nothing but stunted broad leaved ironbark and poplar gum trees to be seenl no grass, and very little water.'Near Burdekin Downs the limestone appears, and the general appearance of the landscape improves.

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The gold—which the prospectors on their arrrival deposited at the bank for general inspection—appears by its weight to be of much better quality than the alluvial gold of the Gilbert and Etheridge districts. A publican named John Trotter, landlord of the North Australian Hotel, was committed for trial, on the 28th April, for shooting with intent at a digger named Charles Byrnes. In 1872 John Deane and William Pocock, an old Townsville resident bought the wreck of the schooner 'Black Dog'. diameter shaft in Lissner Park to a depth of 4000ft.The cargo was a crushing mill, which they erected on the Broughton, it being known as the 'Black Dog' battery. News of the finding of gold on Charters Towers saw John Deane peg out the site of the Defiance Mill in Church Street, and the Black Dog was removed there. In support of a request for £60,000 subsidy from the government of the day.1877 files of the 'Nothern Miner', which then was published on Wednesdays and Saturdays, contain references to the hearing of cases at the Millchester Police Court.Warden Sellheim in his annual report for 1880 stated there were 67 persons on the field owning more than 50 head of cattle, and in the aggregate depasturing 14,121 head, plus 3000 head, the property of owners of smaller herds. On the 18th September last, acting under, instructions from the Hon. Jardine proceeded to inspect and report upon the northern gold-fields of Charters Towers, Broughton, Cape Uiver, Ravenswood, and Normanby. Jardine was invested with the powers of Superintending Gold Commissioner, and all gold cominissiouers within the limits of the gold-fields he might visit were bound to obey his instructions.The lower camp is situated on the Burdekin and is,distant about 14 miles from the upper. Jardine's attention was directed, to the management of that gold-field, He found that arbitrary and unusual interpretations of the Gold-fields Relations abstracted the development of the field, and he immediately issued instructions to the Commissioners " with a view to allay the discontent, and render the practice uniform with that on the other gold-fields.'' These instructions, he believed, gave general satisfaction, and were formally approved of by a resolution passed by the Miners' Protection Association.

There is nothing new to report except, that all parties rje satisfied with their prospects and are determined to give the reefs a fair trial. The Scotchman's claim at the middle camp looks promising-reef two feet thick and prospects good. Two shares have just been disposed of, one for £ 50 cash. and Mill United £26,250."Port Denison Times," March 23 1872, published a copy of a letter sent to the Hon. The want of a court-house was next attended to, and authority obtained to erect one, Mr. It is very rarely that such a general clearing out has happened on a gold-field —taking the number of the population into consideration—as has been wit- nessed during the last few days from this district to the newly-discovered gold-field on the Palmer River.

The Mitchell was made in 22 miles after leaving the Walsh, the quality of the land passed over continuing excellent—a rich, black soil, capable of growing anything.

The Mitchell, even at this time of the year, and so near the Coast Range as where the prospectors struck it, was a broad river, carrying a stream for or five feet deep.

Pynes and party have started a deep shalt, intending to cut the reef at 45 feet. An experienced miner gives it as his opinion that the Broughton ls likely to turn out well." But Charters Towers, turning out better, called men to it. The curtain rose high to reveal the greatest drama of the Golden 'Seventies. Jardine choosing Millchester as the more suitable site, much to the dissatisfaction of the people of the Upper Camp. It is seldom that in a reefing population numbering scarcely 400, more than 200 find themselves in a position to take the road for a journey of 250 miles across an unknown country, peopled only by swarms of wild blacks, within a week of the arrival of the pioneers announcing a fresh gold discovery—fully equipped with horses, arms, provisions for several months, medicines, and everything necessary for an extended gold-seeking campaign.

Jessop and party's protection area looks well the reef is three feet through, but the nearest water is a mile away. A terrifically hot day in late 1871 brought about a typical North Queensland thunderstorm over the country west of Ravenswood goldfield. Kelly's Queen Block, Victory Stockholm Band of Hope, Papuan. Alter pointing out the importance of extending the telegraph to Charters Towers, and referring to other matters of detail, Mr. But this has been the case here ; and in addition to the largest half of the mining population who have already left, so many others are prepar- ing to start, that another fortnight will leave the district the very picture of a deserted gold-field.

Tho influx of Chinese in causing dissatisfaction, and it is urged that the raising of the price of miner's rights issued to aliens, as proposed by the Queensland Government, will not check the evil.