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These programs are designed to foster research and study about the historical experiences of people with disabilities and their communities.Disability-Research Discussion List A list intended for all those interested in research as it affects disabled people.

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Financial Aid for Disabled Students A financial aid and scholarship guide for students with disabilities.Mobility problems and hearing, learning, or seeing disabilities can add complication.It is important to plan ahead so you are better prepared for any urgent situation.DHM is a virtual project, it has no bricks or mortar.DHM hosts a library of virtual artifacts, education curricula, and museum exhibits.Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD) A network of interdisciplinary centers advancing policy and practice for and with individuals with developmental and other disabilities, their families and communities.

APF strives for equal rights, citizenship, social participation and the free choice of the mode of life of people with disabilities and their families.

This booklet gives tips on getting informed, making a plan, assembling a kit, and keeping your plans up to date.

Created by the US Department of Homeland Security and the American Red Cross.

Disability Social History Project (DSHP) A community history project that offers an opportunity for disabled people to reclaim their history and determine how they want to define themselves and their struggles. Its mission is to serve as a resource to the education community by providing information and guidance in the area of access-to-information technologies by individuals with disabilities.

People with disabilities have an exciting and rich history that should be shared with the world. We want to be able to attend our neighbourhood school, to use the public library, to go to the movies, to get on a bus to go shopping downtown or to visit friends and family across town or across the country. EASI gathers information about developments and advancements within the adaptive computer technology field and spreads that information to colleges, universities, K-12 schools, libraries and into the workplace.

Apple Accessibility Apple products are intuitive and easy to use. So every device not only has accessible features — but accessible principles — built right in.