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Cut to chase dating

Her agent was ignoring her calls, and she had no family to turn to, having severed ties.Desperate, Cordelia met with Russell Winters, believing that he would be able to relieve her of her meager financial situation.

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At first, Cordelia was pleased with her circumstances, but soon came to realize that Sunnydale, was really worse off without Buffy upon discovering that The Master When her father's "little mistake on his taxes for the last twelve years" resulted in her family going bankrupt, she took a job at an expensive local boutique, April Fools, to pay for a prom dress on layaway.However, they also allowed her to fall victim to the machinations of the goddess Jasmine.Cordelia died in 2004, using her last moments on Earth to aid her friend and love, Angel, and put the disillusioned hero back on his heroic path.Cordelia, in a nutshell, was the embodiment of who Buffy was before becoming the Slayer, and became the chief foil at school for Buffy.Buffy could not stand Cordelia's snobby behavior towards her less popular classmates and instead became friends with Willow, Xander, Jesse, and the new librarian, Buffy's Watcher Rupert Giles.She became Angel Investigations' office manager while pursuing her acting career, but never broke out of commercials and plays.

When she moved into her apartment, it was now haunted by the evil ghostly Maude Pearson who harassed and insulted her.

She courageously staked a vampire for the first time and helped other students during the battle.

Afterward, she walked off with Buffy, Willow, Oz, and Xander and, more importantly, off to her future in Los Angeles.

When Buffy mistakenly attacked Cordelia with a stake, Cordelia made it her mission to make Buffy as much of an outcast as possible, When Cordeila ran for May Queen, her boyfriend Mitch Fargo was beaten up, Harmony was pushed down a flight of stairs, and Cordelia's favorite teacher was nearly suffocated.

Realizing the attacks must have been about her, Cordelia swallowed her pride and contacted Buffy for help.

After death, Cordelia legitimately became a higher being in the service of the Powers That Be.