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Credit card dating service

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Sadly, I don’t remember the name not the address of the online shop :( This appears to be a growing trend.I’ve also been charged by Zimaotong Beijing £63.32 plus £1.74 exchange fee!

Me puse en contacto con el vendedor para anular pedido y no me contesta. They also tried to take an extra transaction on top of the purchase price that wasn’t mentioned in any transaction I got a call from my tsb bank fraud department today as I allowed my daughter to order some trainers in the sale (half the original price).I was still waiting for my uggs to arrive but checked the bank to say i had been refunded. But the title of the shop was zappos, but dont think they are the actual store.I was charge SGD 177.48 for an unknown purchase on Seems to come from china.Amount that reflect on my bill was 1,632 under the name of fht* lingyan co shenzhen cn Yes i did the same a few days early.I asked a question and they took a couple of weeks to respond.The information above is from my credit card statement. The confirmation email just said it was from [email protected] That's vague! I´m going to wait for a few days and then I will accept the charge or not.

Anyone know anything about this company, please let me know. I only buy a product to vipserviceeu (or fashion online) of a facebook advertising. I have purchased a bag and purse from a company apparently in London and have been charged with this domain.

They did answer and said I would need to return items to their warehouse in Asia.

I would incur the cost of shipping items back and would not receive a refund until the items were received but that would be a problem because most of the packages returned were lost in transit.

Scammed by trader details PES* RZSDGQMFJM CO., LT RIZHAO before Christmas.

Took credit card payment with non sterling transaction fee. My bank say trader is not traceable Attempted to order a Kitchen Aid Food Processor (advertisement from Instagram).

Jerseys are not as pictured on website, colors are off.