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Consolidating payday loans companies

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After 100 hours of researching and calling debt consolidation companies, our top choice is National Debt Relief, which is one of the most transparent companies we spoke to.

Debt Consolidation is worth looking at if you have at least $7,500 of debt.These debt relief programs don’t have a negative impact on your credit but may limit your credit options for their durations.Bankruptcy: This should be a last resort as it negatively affects your credit for many years.Freedom Debt Relief is also one of the industry leaders, and it offers some of the highest quality customer service.In addition, the company has an easy-to-use dashboard that tracks your consolidation program and the progress of its negotiations with your creditors.When you start pursuing debt management options, you may get mixed messages from people in the debt relief industry.

Because there is no general industry consensus as to what the best ways to manage debt are, we have narrowed down your options.

Debt Management Program: These programs often work hand in hand with credit counseling.

During this program, you receive financial counseling and meet with a financial advisor.

On $10,000 of debt you can expect to pay anywhere between $1,400 to $2,500 in fees.

You’ll only pay fees when debt is settled successfully.

New Era Debt Solutions is another standout company.