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Axis EDI is an ecommerce connector that works with e Bay Seller Manager Pro and web stores for businesses using MYOB Account Right.

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To get up-to-date sales data, an idea of how much stock is in the back, or see how much wastage you have – all you need to do is talk to MYOB Kounta. Get up and running quickly with the FREE Lite plan that allows up to 10 transactions a day on one register. Scale up or down as much as you like from month to month.Once you have suitable mappings set up each import is as simple as: For more details and download see Just install, register and use Trans Post Express free for 30 days from the installation date.More information and download at Simply import sales invoices and customer payments from CSV files into Account Right Live import csv sim PRO sim PRO is a global leading provider of job management software for the trade and service industry.With an easy to use interface, smart features to create and update customer records and items; very quickly it will reduce the time you spend doing admin and increase the time you need to invest in marketing and selling online.Download the trial version and try it for free for 30 days - one of our consultant can get you set up in a matter of minutes, or watch an online video showing you how easy it is to get set up and start downloading orders.Alternatively you can set up mappings that cover every possible field in MYOB.

Once saved, mappings can be reused whenever you need to.

Start and stop your use of Time Site Pro at any time.

Flexible &s; Responsive Pricing You only pay for Active Timesheet users!

Import sales and customer payments directly from CSV and tab-delimited text files such as: Trans Post's own mapping facility pairs columns from an import file with the Account Right field their contents are to go to with the huge difference in that the mapping is saved for later reuse - eliminating wasted effort and a potential source of error.

Trans Post Express 'mappings' flexibly relate import data columns to Account Right fields.

Time Site Pro can be fully configured in minutes to handle your specific customer and industry requirements.