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No one but dragon hunters knew what it was like – and anyone else would think he was insane the instant he mentioned it. Darryl groaned and tried to ignore his own thoughts. And worst, she was utterly and totally committed to being pure until marriage.

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He lowered his arms and let the tip of his practice sword touch the ground. But it was a lot harder when the temptation of his PC and unplayed hours of video games bought on the latest Steam summer sale sat right there next to where he was practicing. Darryl turned to the door of his room just before his father opened the door. Large and burly from years of training, furrowed with scars by encounters with dragons over the years, he looked as if he could read Darryl’s mind with effortless ease. But six hours a day, where he wasn’t constantly under Dad’s thumb? He lifted his sword and then started to swing it in the patterns that Dad had taught him. He could already see dozens of teachers, all of them exactly like Dad. The response to his text came back far faster than his had gone out. And they were going to communicate entirely with text, huh? Sunnydale was settled right near Silicon Valley, but there were mountains aplenty within only a few hours drive. Sasha: Sounds like a plan to me :) Darryl smiled slightly. After saying their goodbyes, Darryl shut off his phone and laid in bed. The car banked around the corner of the mountain high way as Darryl’s suit case bumped against his hip. Not just because he was leaving behind his home, his family, his friends and his high school, but also because he had had no idea that Princeton Prep was quite so high up in the mountains. He stood, then put his hands on Darryl’s shoulders. So I can’t.” He punched Darryl in the stomach as hard as he could. His father kicked him in the chest, then, rolling him onto his back. Darryl coughed as his father put his foot on his chest. By now, Darryl’s growth spurts had put him nose to nose with his father. “Never drop your guard while facing an enemy.” And with that, he started towards the stairs. Darryl, who had already started for the door, turned back to look at her. ” “Princeton Prep is run like a boarding school,” Mom said. Darryl closed his eyes and let his head rest against the floor. When Darryl rejoined his Dad downstairs, Mom had set the table. “You’ll be staying there for-” Darryl gaped at her.

Their meal could have been called sparse and flavorless, but that might have been insulting to white bread with mayo on it.

It was some kind of ‘nutritional’ meal that was made for making people strong and tough and lean, without adding extra fat.

It tasted like cardboard, and it left Darryl feel like he was chewing on carpet by the end of the meal. “I’ve been trying to get you into Princeton Prep for the past year.” Dad grunted, spooning more food into his mouth. His fingers flexed, his whole body starting to quiver with rage. The last time he had tried to shout back at his father, well ...

But there were still some families, like the Georges, who remembered their solemn vows.

But when he and Sasha had started talking, Darryl thought he had met someone that his parents could like.

Even under the rumpled clothes, Darryl looked lean and muscular. Mom had told him that his grandfather had had the same eye color, but Darryl had always wished that he had Dad’s normal, unremarkable brown eyes. She came to a thick metal gate that looked far too fancy for this part of California, blocking off the road.