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Colbie caillet dating

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For Colbie Caillat’s second album, she released Breakthrough, in August of 2009 and later was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album.

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And so I wanted to send that message out to people because I know we all feel like we're the only ones who have insecurities. It has the same vibe, but I think I've matured a lot over the past couple of years, and I've been working with different songwriters and had more life experiences.But the 31-year-old singer has no qualms about mixing business with pleasure."We've actually known each other for 10 years now. And it was really amazing, because we got to travel the world together and then ended up falling in love.""We have fun working together, and it's cool because we don't get sick of each other," she added.He joined my band and we didn't start dating for two years after that," she recalled. "I like being with my person all the time."As for that upcoming album, , Caillat likens it to her first record, 2007's Coco, which featured her first hit song, "Bubbly.""I actually wrote this album, like, four years ago and recorded it three years ago," she said. I started my own label so I could put it out on my own and do it my way. The album is just really relaxed, carefree, sunny, organic."To hear about Young's Friends-themed proposal story, check out the video below!So then I surprised him and went out and sang "Gravity" with him at the end of his show. When we got a chance to perform it on SNL, it was just an unreal moment in my lifetime. Colbie Caillat grew up around music her entire life, as her father, Ken, co-produced Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours and Tusk Albums.Did you grow up hanging out with Stevie Nicks and John Mc Vie? He was one of my idols, and I got to watch his performances and learn from how he does it.

Yeah, I got to see all of them, but at the time I didn't know that Fleetwood Mac was such a big deal because I was so young. It was a great experience for me to see how I can make my shows better from watching him. Did he pull any pranks on you, à la sneaking up on Sheryl Crow in the bear suit?

Now, she's telling ETonline the story behind his romantic (and totally not embarrassing!

) gesture."He always gets so embarrassed at how he asked, because now we have to tell this story to everyone," Caillat revealed. See Her Gorgeous Ring In her Instagram post announcing the engagement, Caillat declared that Young "asked me to be his lobster," referencing Phoebe Buffay's infamous "She's your lobster!

And then we're going to go surfing and he almost hits me over the head with the surfboard.

And he also has this really funny fantasy dream where he's dressed all "Guido" in white shoes and his chest is showing and I'm in this ridiculous bathing suit with huge hair and we're dancing at a DJ party on the beach. Your father, Ken Caillat, coproduced the seminal Fleetwood Mac albums Rumours and Tusk.

The room was silent, and I was on this high from it the next day and wrote this song. I do if it's after a long time and you know everything about that person—both their flaws and their good qualities—and you still like them. I think it will last that much longer if it's someone that you care about inside and out instead of just a person you met on a date.