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Coastal speed dating wilmington nc

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After 10 miles the road will end at Highway 17, where you turn left. Because of it’s southern charm, beautiful downtown area, and friendly atmosphere, the town has played host to many film and television products.

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She has a wake canceling design and is fully enclosed (heat if needed).Part of the Grand Strand, the 90-mile stretch of coastal South Carolina is known for beautiful beaches, fantastic seafood, and nightly entertainment.But where is it written that a vacation can only include a single destination?The two main streets of Southport are Howe Street and Moore Street, intersecting in the middle of downtown.Streetside parking is free in this little town, and there are plenty of space to accommodate large summer crowds.She is handicap accessible and offers a flexible layout for comfortable seating up to 49 guests.

We offer daily scheduled cruises and are available for private parties.

This is a long day trip with a four-hour round trip drive, but well worth it for the entertainment, attractions, and scenery.

There is a lot of excitement to be found on a day like this, it’s going to be a long day.

The four and six lane divided highway is treated like an interstate with exit and entrance ramps and a 70 mph speed limit, making it an easy way to get around the area.

When Highway 31 ends in Little River, stay to the left and merge onto Highway 9, then take the first right at a traffic light.

If you don’t enjoy it thoroughly the first time, just do it again the next year. This doesn’t have to be one of those absolutely exhausting vacation days when you’re supposed to be resting vacation day.