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Clunie dating

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They sang and danced and didn’t care how much they would suffer for it the next day.

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Their manager, Tam Paton – a sort of Scottish Jimmy Savile, hiding in plain sight – used and abused them, forcing them to work 365 days a year and supplying them with drugs to keep them going. There were years of acrimony as former members fought for the millions they were owed.Yet even now – as the BCR bandwagon gets ready to roll – two members of the classic line-up are missing.We have been told Alan’s brother Derek, who was convicted of possessing images of child abuse, “just wasn’t interested” (although, in reality, his appearance would have been controversial and potentially damaging), while the “door is still open” for Faulkner to come back at any time.In 1982, he was jailed for gross indecency with teenage boys (though he was quick to point out that when the age of consent for gay sex was lowered to 16 in 2001, this would no longer have been an offence).Then, in 1990, the police launched Operation Planet after a boy from a children’s home who had been drugged and raped was found in the Palmerston Place premises.Spent time with me ensuring I got a gun that best fitted me.

THE performance of And I Ran With The Gang – the story of Bay City Rollers’ founding member Alan Longmuir – had just ended when a man sidled up to Longmuir in the auditorium.

Perhaps it is a tribute to the power of marketing that the image of the band as upbeat, milk-drinking boys-next-door has prevailed, or perhaps they are simply rooting for victims they know were chewed up and spat out by the music industry.

Nevertheless, there is something discomfiting about the way in which the hype around the reunion seems to glorify an era we now know was riddled with financial and sexual ­exploitation.

“I have been in love with you for so long,” she sobbed as her husband looked on in bemusement.

That’s what it was like throughout the runs of the Edinburgh fringe show.

Faulkner is now a fairly successful folk musician, but those who remember the animosity between him and Mc Keown might wonder if his absence has more to do with an enduring hostility than a commitment to his solo career.