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Christian tips on dating

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If you seek approval, ask yourself why you want it in the first place.The answer is that you view approval as pleasurable and giving you happiness.

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I remember a particular mentoring relationship (where I was the mentor) that made me often dream of doing something else (like getting my teeth drilled).According to a second opinion in the Midrash, Joseph was wrong in doing so, but not because embalming is forbidden per se, but because he should have realized that the body of a righteous person like Jacob would not decay, and so, preserving his body was unnecessary.The Talmud (Sanhedrin 47b) states that the decomposition of the body is a form of atonement – something the fully-righteous Jacob did not need.The family and friends of an individual with an STD can be very supportive as well. Embalming seems quite contrary to the Jewish way in burial.Rather, it was a non-surgical procedure, in which preservatives were inserted into Jacob’s navel, allowing the body to last during the lengthy mourning period and travel to Israel for burial.

In fact, according to Jewish law, one may do such forms of temporary preservation for the honor of the deceased.

As a mentor, I've learned to ask four key questions before even agreeing to a mentoring relationship.

I've learned to be direct about expectations—Sherry Surratt is the Director of Parenting Strategy for Orange Family Ministry.

Let's face it, if things aren't clicking, being in a mentoring relationship can be miserable. I've had great mentoring relationships that have breathed life into my leadership and inspired me far beyond where I could have gotten on my own.

The secret lies in cultivating the right climate, knowing the expectations, and getting really honest.

Six months later, the law was amended to permit Jewish clergy to become military chaplains.