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Chelsie hightower and mark kanemura dating

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Born Chelsie Kay Hightower in Las Vegas, Nevada, and raised in Orem, Utah with five older brothers and her mother and father until they divorced in 2006.

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After SYTYCD, Chelsie joined Dancing with the Stars as a pro.She and her five siblings who were all boys used to play all kinds of sports and especially soccer.It was not until Chelsie was 9, that she started dancing ballroom dances socially at the after-school ballroom dance program.Chelsie and her family moved to Orem, Utah, when she was 6.Chelsie was the youngest in the family of 6 children. Chelsie Kay Hightower is a professional dancer best known for her performances on the reality TV shows “So You Think You Can Dance – Season 4” and “Dancing With The Stars – Seasons 8, 9, and 10”.

Chelsie specializes in Latin and Standard styles of ballroom dance.

As in seasons 2 and 3, the finals began with 20 contestants, ten male and ten female.

After partners are assigned, couples pick a dance style out of a hat, are rehearsed by a choreographer, and perform their routine.

This season, the rounds included a hip-hop routine with Napoleon D'umo and Tabitha D'umo, a Broadway number with Tyce Diorio, the foxtrot with Jean-Marc Généreux, group choreography, contemporary choreography with Mia Michaels, and a final solo for the remaining contestants.

Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy were part of the judging panel for the week, along with Debbie Allen, Mia Michaels, Napoleon D'umo and Tabitha D'umo.

Biography Chelsie Hightower’s bio provides overview of her dance history and her accomplishments as a dancer.