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Additionally, if Berry informed school officials of Chatman’s relationship with a player, why did LSU administrators feel this action impinged on the head coach’s relationship her current players?

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Resign From LSU Willingly came forward alleging that the coach had sexual relationships with former players.“On behalf of LSU, I thank her for her athletic accomplishments as a player and as a coach, and for the community service work she has performed for sports blog reported that sexual improprieties were the real reason Chatman retired.Finally today a report by Wright Thompson of named assistant coach Carla Berry as the person who, in February of this year, reported the alleged incident to LSU university officials.And according to Thompson’s report: Berry is now unapproachable as is acting head coach Bob Starkey.Stakey’s disappearance is understandable as he is preparing a team to play in the NCAA tournament.It needs asserting that since Berry was a close confidante of Chatman’s, Berry apparently knew of Chatman’s relationship well before she alerted school officials.

Berry’s closeness to Chatman through the years could not have gone unnoticed by the athletic department (school officials, after determining that the incident dealt with a former player, informed the athletic department). How long did Berry know of this relationship, particularly since she is described as “a longtime friend and colleague” of Chatman’s?

Despite her accomplishments, on March 7 of this year Chatman announced her resignation.

According to an “We respect the decision that Pokey Chatman has made regarding her future career opportunities,” athletic director Skip Bertman said in a news release.

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Louisiana State aware of an alleged inappropriate sexual relationship between Chatman and a former.

However, Berry’s dissolving from the harsh light she created is an entirely different matter.