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He denies the charge of murder as well as one of arson.Mrs Bell had fostered more than 50 children during her life and was described as an accomplished book keeper.

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Dack's DNA was found on the door handle of an interior door, on a spent match, on two cell phones found in the kitchen, on the inside of Mrs Bell's handbag, on one of the knobs on the gas hob, on a briefcase in Mrs Bell's bedroom, on the ligature around her neck and on the waist band of her underpants.

It is alleged that, at two points in the evening, Dack left the house to visit the home of Mc Loughlin - on the first occasion at 10pm he sold him the stolen television and he returned at 1am to take cocaine and cannabis with him.

When Mrs Bell's body was recovered by firefighters, it was noted that her trousers had been pulled down to below her knees and that her tights and underwear had been cut from the waist down to the area of the pubic bone, although there is no evidence she was sexually assaulted.

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