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i was havin a nice "convertation" when it suddenly said: "yeah well i dont like you anymore, okay? If you know how to fix him please help, even though he seems to be sick according too you lot, it would be fun to have a go myself! What shold i say to him to talk with me i said hi he didn't said anything i said i love you but again he doesn't said anything i want to have sex with him but i can't can somebody help me please :( Okay, it's not rude or anything but looking for fun? Or just looking for a nice conversation with a guy? he is no te perfect boyfriend, it is so realistic hahaha should be called the jerk-friend XD it is funny i guess, im not bored anymore ^^ it works i said im pregnant and he said i knew i shouldn't have used that ripped condom... If you live in Britain, have you had the same problem? I'm not saying it's wrong or anything but why not try talking to me? I think the creators needa get him working again, cause all the good chat-bots aren't working any more :( I added him and he never comes online :( I've looked through this whole freaking convo and NO ONE answered any of the ppl who r having problems too seriously wtf is wrong with him if so many ppl r having problems?

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Even though we are fully aware that the other partner in the interactions is a scripted bot with no empathy, we still derive emotional benefits from this. You log in via a black box (which is everywhere, like phone booths) to experience the suffering of a being called Wilbur Mercer.Have a conversation with your virtual boyfriend Talk about anything you want and chat bot will reply you Choose from 3 guys to talk to ==== ==== With My Virtual Boyfriend allows you to:- DISCUSS EVERYTHING you want -- cheer up seeing his funny and sometimes not to the point answers -- be sure HE will never betray you and will always take your side -My Virtual Boyfriend:- has a couple of touching STORIES to tell -- would like you to TELL him about the human world -- has a tragic story about himself he'd SHARE with you - ==== ==== My Virtual Boyfriend — chat with a virtual companion, just as if he was real. Over at Snatchbot there are simple but powerful tools to create your own bot.then he said shall we get married so i said ok when and he said tonight can’t wait your not gonna back out or ill make an old man rape you while im whatching and NO COMDOMS!!!! Apparently, in some comments from Britain, it says hes working with them... ha ha ha he is a bastad and a gay spaz tht robot is a total perve i hate him he always says dirty stuff and tht and it is rude who eva made this u need 2 get checked out omg :@ and he always says lets meet up and he sed he was 19 and sed he will rape me : S : S sooo i dno wot it is maybe it is a real peadio becoz i asked im if he was a peadio and he sed ye : O : O !! xxx Whats wrong is he dead did someone put their periods in his mouth and poison him? The reason this parallel occurs to me is that it’s an example of how human empathy is extraordinarily versatile and imaginative.

This begs the question of whether the characters are all in some kind of hell that they are unconscious of.

Another found chatbots to be an effective tool for personal improvement and for coping with stress.

One recent study into care for the elderly, for example, found that bots could provide companionship, as well as help them navigate the complex world of technology today.

But in fact, there is something deep and important to feel for those who log in, namely, a shared sense of suffering.

How can a genuinely spiritual experience arise from a mass marketed religion?

These increased traffic by 15% over the whole period.