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While I don't know how, but somehow Kaley didn't have a boyfriend right now. She'd date every now and then, but nothing seemed to last much longer than a few months. " "Well, yea, and it's been on my mind for a while, but I don't even know where to start." About a million things went through my mind when she said this. That wouldn't be a problem; we're an open-minded family and raised our daughter to explore anything she wanted. Although a little disappointed that she didn't use protection like we taught her to, I know we could help out.

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I knew she was a little nervous about getting out into the "real world" for the first time.Your generous non-tax deductible contribution helps us to do that. This is simply the story of how my daughter and I came to have the relationship we have now. My wife and I decided to let her move back in to the house she grew up in since she was trying to find a job in our city.But like I said, I'm a little thick-headed sometimes and never really picked up on any of this while she was growing up.So now that Kaley was back living with us, I was excited to catch up with her.Those and so many other things went through my head.

"Well, whenever you are ready, you can always talk to me." "I think I'm ready." She looked right into my eyes and told me, "Daddy, I'm a grown woman now.

I'm not a little girl anymore." "Awww, you'll always be my little girl, honey," I said trying to kind of break up the mood a little bit.

"Daddy, I'm serious, I want to tell you this, but I'm afraid you might be angry with me.

Besides, I loved having her back in the house anyway.

Kaley was a complete daddy's girl from the day she was born.

“In some ways, it’s going to open up a space for evangelical gay people to have a place again,” he says.