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Chat to iphone grannys

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Granny isn't out to be extreme, she just wants her apples.Some young punk wants them too, so she takes off after him.

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And if playing as Granny isn't your thing, there's always Scruffy the dog or Stanley the businessman to entertain. No mean-spiritedness intended, just good old-fashioned apple-chasing fun.Perfect timing, as it’s just emerged that Apple is the world’s second-biggest buyer of these sorts of tiny sensors.The Driver Feedback app does pretty much what it says on the label–it feeds back to drivers an assessment of their driving, garnered by an analysis of the accelerometer, gyroscope, and probably digital compass, too, based on records made in the app while you drive.Sometimes you'll be barreling along, smashing your face into the ground every few feet but stopping for nothing.Other times you'll have a flawless run but miss a jump by a hair and need to start again.They’re called MEMS, and they were developed for a number of reasons, including for airbag sensors in cars.

Now it’s emerged that Apple has become the second-biggest purchaser of MEMS devices in the world, increasing its buy by 117% to $195 million in 2010, pushing Apple ahead of Nintendo itself.

This makes the difficulty feel a bit spikey, as a few too many precise jumps in a row can be murder on your success rate in a way no number of otherwise crazy maneuvers can. There are a few dozen levels at the moment, wandering through yards, sewers, office buildings and zoos. You'll have to find a way to drop hard into the sewer, then find a way to take out the window of the office building before meeting it head on.

And Granny is happy to use the tools of the enemy against him, stockpiling baseballs to slow the punk down (or clear the path ahead) and bananas to knock him off his skates.

She is on roller skates, sure, but who says Granny can't skate?

It's a bit rough, and she needs to use her cane to glide down the occasional power line, but she has it under control.

annoying when you're added to one that you don't really want to be a part of or have no need to be anymore.