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Later, Topsy explains that she had nothing to confess but wanted to oblige the older woman. Tom and Eva grow increasingly close; he gives her little gifts, and she reads the Bible aloud to him.When Eva speaks a few words of kindness to the girl, Topsy looks at her in bewilderment, having never heard kindness before. The whole family goes out to a villa on Lake Pontchartrain for the summer, hoping to escape the heat of the city.

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Ansonsten ganz nett vorgetrage, aber nicht der grosse Rede wert.

However, Topsy proves disobedient and wild, unacquainted with the conventions of Christian behavior.

After she steals a pair of gloves, Ophelia presses her to confess her other sins, and she confesses falsely to stealing other items. He gets a letter from Mas’r George telling about life in Kentucky and about the studies he has undertaken.

Best wishes to you and your family Andrea XXXHi Jo I was also diagnosed with breast cancer.

Had surgery and am now in the middle of having radiotherapy. It's so comforting (for want of a better word) to be able to share your worries and fears with people that totally understand how you're thinking and feeling.

Die Hinführung zum elektronischen Refrain finde ich hier sehr gut gelungen, die beiden Stimmen harmonieren für meine Begriffe hervorragend.