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Cfgrid not updating

cfgrid not updating-14

I'm drawing out here ONLY what's deprecated in CF 2016.

Anyway, I have updated the title of the post to make it clear that nothing is "removed".And even about the few that are marked as "no longer supported" (and therefore will not receive bug fixes), note that Adobe has left the door open to fixes for security reasons.So really, this information I share here should have virtually no bearing on whether one *moves to* 2016.Following are deprecated features which are enabled through CFML code: And to others who are surprised to hear that the CF Server Monitor is deprecated, so was I.Granted, it's never changed from being Flash-based, but I thought at some point Adobe would just rewrite it as HTML5. (Adobe subsequently said that the monitor would NOT be deprecated) (Folks should definitely check out Fusion Reactor, the third-party CF server monitor, which HAS been using HTML5 for a few years, and which can in fact monitor not just CF but Railo/Lucee, Blue Dragon, Open Blue Dragon, and indeed any JAva app server, like Tomcat, JBoss, Glassfish, Jetty, etc.) Finally, following is a deprecated features which is neither specific to language/CFML or the CF Admin: above indicates items also "no longer supported".) The Report Builder is another item I was a bit surprised to learn was deprecated (and "no longer supported"), though I do of course understand it's not been updated in a long time, and many never got to using it, though I know some folks who do and will be surprised to hear of this.I will also add a bit of this comment as text in the conclusion (as it seems some people only read a blog's text and not comments, for some reason).

Finally, you ask about alternatives to report builder.

At least we could stay with CF11 ;) Jörg, I do understand your concern about the deprecation of Report Builder.

You who use it need to stand up and make yourselves heard to Adobe.

I realize that both facts (things people don't seem to know about, and things not updated in years) are for some the very definition of something that ought to be deprecated.

I'm just saying that some people DO use them, and those folks will be bummed to learn that they are now declared officially deprecated and in some cases "no longer supported" (no more bug fixes, other than perhaps for security reasons).

Even so, there may be many things that some are "glad to see go", such as all the things related to Flash or applets or UI components.