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Celebrity five go dating

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Will Calum live up to his playboy image when he works the room?

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I will admit that after a few episodes I did get quite into the celebs’ dating storylines; Who kissed whom on their first date? Having said that, the programme is pretty dragged out for what it is; not much actually happens.Arg takes his first date for a curry, but will he ever stop obsessing with his food & focus on Yasmine?Charlotte Dawson’s out for cocktails with her bloke from the mixer, but will she ever get the snog she wants as her date won’t stop banging on about his ex? Bobby Norris is worried that there’ll be awkward silences on his first date with Paul – will ‘bants’ be off the menu or will they both get verbal diarrhoea?Toff tells the agents that she wants to date “someone who dances on tables” so they send her on a blind date with a stripper.She goes to Wales to meet her mystery man, but will the sight of his abs do the business or will his ‘chopper’ chat send her over the edge?Will Arg wow the ladies with his new slimline look?

On to their first dates, will there be any awkward silences or a first date kiss?

But are they ready for what the agents throw at them in front of the watchful eye of the public?

The breath of fresh air that is receptionist Tom is back to offer a shoulder to cry on for the celebs that need it the most.

Perhaps just a few episodes per celebrity would work better so there would be new excitement each week.

A final flaw that I began to notice as the programme went on was that it was not progressive at all: all the celebs were heterosexual – fair enough – but there was also loads of blatant sexism.

Ex on the Beach star & Les Dawson’s daughter Charlotte Dawson is looking for the father figure she so desperately craves; Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo from Made in Chelsea is desperate to find love outside SW3; Calum Best is keen to say “I love you” to someone for the very first time; & TOWIE’s Bobby Norris wants to put his dating drought to bed.