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Celebrity dating list

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How, exactly, does one get to be the host of a Food Network series?Mary Nolan seemingly came out of nowhere to grab the host slot for Chic & Easy.

It was a time when most huge stars flocked to other huge stars—before there was Tinder, one simply made the Hollywood party rounds or asked her people to talk to his people.But her personality and great looks has won over many a fan, and she's got some cooking chops too. Laura's our pick for best-looking Canadian Celebrity Chef -- she grew up in New Brunswick and now calls Toronto home.She's best known for her work hosting the Food Network's French Food at Home and is also the author of a similarly-titled cookbook.Success attracts success, beauty attracts beauty and money attracts money. But anyone with a slight inclination toward nostalgia will recall an era in which the biggest A-listers dated the biggest A-listers, creating a hybrid of influence that was truly unmatched. They were, arguably, Hollywood's most beautiful couple, and were definitely the one that garnered the most attention.Any time they set food on a red carpet simultaneously, that moment became instantly iconic.Their combined net worth and popularity is something that no one can rival; to look directly at them is to stare straight into the sun.

And yet they are beloved on a human level, their comeuppances in the industry are marveled at and they have a diversity that Jen and Brad could never offer.

Okay, I know some will say that Sandra's not a "real" Chef.

But c'mon, she's authored thirteen cookbooks and has hosted a top-rated cooking show on The Food Network for six years running. Katie's done just about everything there is to do in the land of Celebrity Chefs -- hosted a TV show, written a cookbook and married a non-Chef Celebrity. That's not really for me to say -- I just think she's hot.

I don't know what she'd look like with fifty-five pounds added to that frame but she's looking pretty good right now.

Executive chef at Shinsei in Dallas, Casy is best known for being a finalist on Top Chef Miami. Maybe not, but she looks so darn good, I don't think anyone will object.

Brad and Jen ceased to be and their status was transferred over to Brangelina.