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Can doctors dating former patients

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Misdirection and skill fool all except those trained in the art.

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If seniors want to completely opt-out of Medicare, they have to give up their Social Security benefits and then pay privately for all services they receive. Since there is no private health insurance available for seniors in the United States, we cannot say that participation in Medicare is truly voluntary.Some hospitals will close their doors, reducing the total number of hospital beds available to those in the community.On average, physicians train until they're close to 30 years old, graduate with $150,000 to $250,000 in debt for their education, and are subject to being sued on any given day.They see changes here and there as situations arise in their lives, especially in health care.They hear stories about what is happening and mistakenly assume they are isolated incidents.Those on Medicare and Medicaid are already on a government-run plan and are experiencing the effects of decisions made by unelected bureaucrats in Washington, DC.

We need to remember that Medicare passed into law in 1965 and is nominally a "voluntary" program.

Some people are frightened by these changes, changes that seem to be imposed upon society without the approval of the majority of citizens.

They question the wisdom of abandoning the traditional values that formed the foundation for American life.

In addition, once the government takes over management of our nation's entire health care system under H. 3590, as it already has in the Medicare and Medicaid programs, it acquires control over how care is delivered, what care is available, and who receives that care or not.

It controls how much the providers are paid, and by deciding to pay providers less than service costs and capping total costs paid out, it is driving some physicians to leave the field and will discourage the young from entering the field.

One political party will accuse the other of threatening the well-being of senior citizens and vice-versa.