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Cameron bright jodelle ferland dating

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Calm down, kid.-You know those people who feel like they're little galaxies, pulling you along in their wake as they spin through the universe, and even though they pull you endlessly off course you love it all the same?

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She has, of course, and does more than she'd like to admit, she's just really good at hiding it-Finds it really hard to let people behind that confidence. -Broody-Mc Broody Pants-He won't ever let you know he cares about you, but he really does Evan wrote: "Brainstorming\n\n Brendon Denysson \n-FC Cameron Monaghan\n-Athena\n-17 or 18\n-Probably gay\n-Rough childhood.Doesn't know what's considered too personal to ask people about or when to leave things alone.She's not being rude, boundaries just genuinely don't really occur to her.-Super short and looks a little bit like an adorable pixie-It's pretty common for her to just randomly redye her hair a different, bright shade.Talented minds don't do you much good when you don't use them.He's ridiculously foolhardy and seems to be entirely incapable of thinking before he speaks or acts.Sure, when he actually puts his mind to it, academic or intellectual pursuits come easy to him.

But the problem is that he never actually stops and thinks.

He tried to provide for his son as best as he could, but it never quite worked.

His father's job teaching at a nearby university took up too much of his time, and Brendon was left largely to his own devices.

Highlight('comment_body_usertext')" class="small Text" href="#comment_form"Brendon Denysson -FC Cameron Monaghan-Athena-17 or 18-Probably gay-Rough childhood.

His dad was some bachelor academic who definitely wasn't ready to be saddled with a kid, and sort of left Brendon to his own devices.

She seems to rarely smile, and almost seems perpetually bored. She's just a very calm person, and not particularly expressive.-But when she does speak, people listen.