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’s Varibties.— T his popular ;; 7” , , place of amusement is the only attraction l Io BSE Tfii Kr Cait^creb.

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both in N*w ' ffir superior to any other known ol = latr-ttwurli'i 1 — nei G the want which bk- foralou_: time b* n widely felt, namely. They sbonld be t Akeo with Ed® ward Wtld*r*a% 4 sraapjtrllla and Polisa M lo the dlseoaes In which that remedy Is recommended ; and with Edward Wilder's Compowad Bs® Irnrt «r Wild i berry In Coughs. M 04 »Bfr TA» B CB.-Bt JMob MA ^nuand Oonoslosico M--r ar* w*U Optbalmi. c.«,„ry a- to city resderx, the New Y-Jrk Orcu- | Vertigo, Dizslnees, B.indneea, Ac., they cannot he lat Uig Library Cc. Thei»* Fills will b* found, on trial, to b* P 4 ^ of dt'iribmlug to It* Mib^crlbi TH. thief, a negro boy, was eaptnred yesterday Jf aale r»**l*r ia Tia Copper, aad Hheet Ire* d. REMEMBER that the** Remedies have al r been tested In the Family circle, by Chemical Th*raie iirlii Miov* tur Wood tw Osal, ZB. 4 - ■ B»i E«i.a-aon toe A^^iuh MHo Te for VYood ®aly. I Md'For the Cure of tbe aboxe Diseases tbit prep* I aration slanda norlealed, and Ita good and perma i nent effec U are attested by thuasandbaand It le commended alike not only by the ableet medlcni ' men bot also by tbe ministry.

d t'l D pi* *y r w hl«' n will h* gi v wn 1 E^T FE\ ER. and All ^p^y m -U r^i- H j R ii,w * PERIODICAL Df SEASKH. It la de^rit]e alike aa a Corrective and mild e- tbartic. nced of Ita wonderful power and benebcial ef- Uni»*, iny Farm. Frao a Efflogfr, Hltti'iled on tbe Cieve Un l inrnpik* road. On and after that date 5 per cent, will be added to all bills unpaid. with tin* abale and larf* j xoab at 3.89P M WSIWJIlllll Ilj UB.

witho««t i-h t«» w and ftl Mp*rles of INDIOKSTION, INTERMIT- | i Viuaiid Vf»l *Mat*.‘ p*r^'ul&rly lots •I'fcic'r iri,*\.'C*ir c L'Uvn Avn a/xtyv • ,, sh*’U? It U an excellent Appetizer aa well a« »ueogth| ener of the digt^'t Uee forcet. The foundation au U frent por-'b -*rc of j ; fh* rtr.esfet drewed atone Two chuerie*. as iwl Dg one of tb* be^t ainl Anent improved I farms m K*'nt.i«-ky I dr* m a further d*sct-iber 10 th, l-ti T. KAMMEKS, rtsteivex 80 On T ur.-:d By morning, September 20 lli, I'b", ui 10 o’clock, we will sell, at Em VAUI) our uu L-tion rooms, the largest and best assortment "f I’n nch china, silver-plated, and Bohemian glassware that ever C’Uil POU. The assortment eomprises elegant china tea and dinner set.s, toilet and chamber WILD Portland Cottage for Sale, i »i»:eoiz fl 91 hr 1M fe*t. VHJOZV COTWTV F.%t.*ld at L.i'aoaa, Ky.,»r R 4 riwa«r RUNt«addk.

It la a powerful Recoperant a Aer the frame h»i been debilitated or retiuced by slckne M. The face resem- ute historical accuracy, the Cabiuet of ■ i H-rrh In front and rear of the hcoee— cellar-* t»er- i ' tettlvdry. 'liter* are ou ik* pleicc i**o aput* urr hards, one 1 romiuenrei* b»%alug. L 1 Tiie r»puiatl*'ti t.ftbi^ farm «o wt lle^tahl’nhed . do MDS tb*rottti Daa DC*«f ift* Fair, nui a 1 8f:e30X.

But whatever Iscariot may have been, we are sure he is not a Democrat in his pre.'-enf location.

He actually sent in an ultima- hari kari by “busting” himself on the ground, he would have bought Govern- ment bends with the reward of bis treach- ery, paid no tax, and gone about the country denouncing the apostle.s as a set of conspirators and rebels, who needed reconstruction. Cse them according to dlreciiuna, aud a cure Is guarautfecd. D WILDEB & CO., AA'hulcsaie Uruggists, 215 Main st.

— Sallie Shannon was j Musical ttuview, the Weekly Keview, Wat- committed to the First-street Sution- son's Alt Journal, The Musical Keview, bouse, lest night, charged with stealing Pionter and Orpheua falls in battle teu die of cholera or other camp disease: for each man who dies of disease ten desert. Our bsv’MZ un* ‘-f ih* firm r*Ai* 1 lrr la Ni'w Tork ie*ixnsnd*dtu.