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Bungie armor not updating

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Bungie insists there won't be any other new items to spend the silver dust on, so fans shouldn't bother saving it.There's also a new Daybreak Nightfall modifier, which gives players increased super and ability recharge rates.

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New Adept versions of certain weapons are being introduced, this will include elemental King's Fall and Wrath of the Machine versions of primary weapons.UPDATE ONE: Some of the fresh information provided today by Bungie on the new gear and ornaments coming to the game, via the Age of Triumph March event: There will new armour sets for each of the Raids, including Vault of Glass, Crota's End and King's Fall.The Crota's End and King's Fall sets lose color when taking damage via the energized areas when your health is low and is restored when your health recharges.Personally, I still have questions that I'll try to get answered. We want to thank the members of our community, and the press, for bringing this matter to our attention.But Bungie's parting words on the matter at least acknowledge that an explanation after the fact can be hard to buy, and words don't always cut it in a situation like this. We will always strive to make all players feel welcome in our worlds, to promote positive experiences, and to portray a bright and hopeful world in Destiny 2, and in every game world we create. One note for the word nerds out there before we go any further: Bungie probably meant "denounce," not "renounce." The former is synonymous with condemn; it's a declaration that something is wrong or evil.Fans can also grab some new ornaments: Dragon's Breath, Suros, Lord of Wolves, No Land Beyond, and Touch of Malice.

ORIGINAL: The Destiny Age of Triumph release date is rolling around fast, which means it's time for one final update from Bungie.

Players will also be able to unlock new Age of Triumph items, which will be revealed as part of today's stream.

If fans are after specific items, they can break down unwanted goods into silver dust and spend them at an updated silver dust kiosk.

I will note that this image on the armor isn't an exact replica; the hate symbol has only three bars in the middle (instead of four), and there are two additional "K" formations on either side of those central bars.

Is it possible this was just a mistake and a coincidence? That said: I think it's more likely that this was an intentional nod to a white supremacist-related symbol than not.

Bungie told Twitter followers: "Melt your enemies with increased Super and ability recharge rates starting on 3/28 with the new Daybreak Nightfall modifier."Destiny Age of Triumph will be followed by the release of Destiny 2 later this year.