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Just look at the average income in The North, €23,700 compared to The South, €39,873.The Republic’s industrial output is 10 times bigger than The North’s but its workforce is only 2.5 times bigger.

They don’t care that all their claims about Brexit are fantasy or that over the past 18 months one by one has dissolved into thin air.Such suggestions may seem far-fetched, but recent history has given many people reason to be suspicious.Documents in the National Archives have previously been key in revealing human rights abuses by the British state.Embarrassing facts are neatly filed away, labelled as “the past”, and on the rare occasions that the archives are inspected, damning evidence is nowhere to be seen. What’s puzzling is that no-one in Sinn Féin stands up and makes a detailed speech spelling out for DUP slow learners Dublin’s guaranteed role in The North.• Siobhan Fenton is a freelance journalist Posted by Jim on December 27, 2017 Brian Feeney. It’s in black and white in the GFA under the heading British-Irish Inter-Governmental Conference (BIIGC).Their existence only came to light when a group of elderly Kenyans took the government to the high court, claiming they had been tortured during the 1950s Mau Mau rebellion.

The Foreign Office was forced to admit it had withheld thousands of colonial-era papers.

Perhaps you can see now why the DUP deny the BIIGC’s existence though they are fully aware of its role? For the hardliners among the DUP MPs, any role for the Irish government in The North has always been anathema.

For them Brexit, despite their claims they don’t want a hard border, is a way of bringing them closer to Britain which is their whole reason for existence as Unionists even though partition has brought economic disaster to The North in the past 96 years.

Many Britons have grown up believing their homeland saved and civilized the world, while atrocities, genocide and human rights abuses often go unmentioned.

Successive governments have failed to narrow this knowledge gap, whether by setting up truth commissions, establishing a museum of colonialism or teaching schoolchildren about colonialism as part of the standard curriculum.

When it’s operating it has a full-time secretariat in Belfast.