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Bromstad dating

The reason for "Rehab Addict" popularity is that every episode literate the audiences about the architecture of houses and the presentation of the show with Nicole and her crew.There is an inspiration to save the old homes, and people of America love it.

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Nicole Curtis graduated from the Lake Orion High school in 1994 and started working in Hooters to join college.She has a huge number of fan followers on her social accounts.The former American journalist and newscaster, Paula Ann Zahn worked as a host at many News channels including ABC News, CBS News, Fox News and CNN.Her relationship with him is lovely, and they enjoy spending time.Previously, she was in a relationship with Shane Maguire for several years. And now, they are fighting for the custody of the baby. Nicole has been very actively working as the Television producer and has gained massive popularity from her show.Nicole believes that houses should be more energy efficient and the components while making products should be environmentally friendly.

She is also supporting local manufacturers by using their material to renovate homes.

Besides being the host of two hit shows about interior designing and old houses renovation, she is a licensed realtor.

Curtis was born on 20 August 1976 in Lake Orion Michigan.

Her company was sued by City of Minneapolis claiming that she failed to renovate the house that she bought for $2 in 2013.

However, it was settled later in the starting of May 2017.

Her philosophy is "rehab, reuse and recycle" and her mantra is "old people, old dogs and old houses" which match her personality.