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Like it is - Teenage Pregnancy Discovering you are pregnant can be a scary experience and forces you to make a very adult decision.The important thing to remember is you're not alone - help is available.

If you have any information about teenage pregnancyor any statistics, that be mostly appreciated.Get early detection, that is very important, and talk to someone you trust, who cares and that can help you.Im 16 years of age and just found out i am pregnant yesterday. I have so many mixed emotions about whether or not i am ready and how im going to deal with it.Children by Choice Children by Choice is an informative up-to-date Australian website, which would be especially helpful if you think abortion is your choice.Kid's Help This site provides the opportunity for you to contact a counsellor online.Thanks, Hi Kaylee - I am sorry but I do not know where you can go for help in the U. Are you able to talk to a doctor or health worker confidentially?

They should know where the organisations are that may be able to help you.

We offer a range of information and support for topics such as conception, pregnancy, labour and birth, parenting and beyond.

Women's Health Queensland - Teenage Pregnancy This site is for students who are doing work on teenage pregnancy Young Adult Health - Pregnancy Options This section of the Child and Youth Health website is a comprehensive explanation of unplanned pregnancy options in Australia.

This section is to help young women deal with a pregnancy.

However, if you feel that your situation is urgent then I advise you to call either the Kids Help Line (phone 1800 551 800) or Lifeline (phone 131 114).

My partner said he doesnt want anything to do with me if i decide to keep a baby( he doesnt know for sure yet, though im sure he is suspicious i am pregnant) I'd guess i'd like to know what im in for and how tough this is going to be.