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Brett dalton and chloe bennet dating

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I think having him on the team helps her open her eyes to seeing other aspects because he’s been an Inhuman longer and he’s not as sensitive to it or used to the criticism and is able to handle it in a less emotional way, so I think maybe it helps her a little bit.” And Lincoln might be able to help her as she tackles the task of assembling a Secret Warriors team of Inhumans at a time that it’s difficult to know which ones she can trust and which ones she can’t, points out Bennet. agent, it’s not just work, it’s so personal because it’s her blood, it’s who she is.

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It’s not about taking over the world and doing all of that stuff, as cool as that is to do. “I think that the good part about, it you know—Daisy starts forming her own little team, and she kind of becomes the leader,” Bennet says of her character’s growth. But I think [her] loyalty, overall, isn’t necessarily to S. [They might] do some morally questionable things along the way. That is something that he’s just brilliant at, as good as his brother is. I think he’s gotten a pretty definitive answer, so I think that he may be onto the next chapter in his journey. But I really do think that, at least on Ward’s end, it is coming from a good place in trying to help someone else move their life forward in a positive way.” Now that Ward is a free agent, so to speak, Dalton has his own theories on what’s motivating his character. “There were a lot of things in the writing, particularly in the episodes when I was in jail, and some of those things gave me an idea about, ‘oh, maybe he actually has more of a plan other than just reuniting Skye with her father.’ Obviously that was the promise for 10 episodes, that he was hell-bent on fulfilling this promise, and he did. Maybe it’s a family trait because, you know, the senator’s also very good at that stuff.” As for how that relates to his relationship with Skye, Dalton hedges, “While he is definitely helping Skye, I don’t think he’s not helping himself in the process. ’ It appears that she has given her side of that story,” he laughs. “You know what, I don’t think we made much of a meal out of it because there’s so much stuff going on that it’s kind of, ‘Well, of course that would happen.’ You know? It’s almost kind of like, ‘Alright, well, that’s funny almost.’ It’s weird, but it’s not, you know? “He’s certainly a reinvention of the character, but you will see he actually does have a philosophy about what the world could be now that he’s there, and it’s quite inclusive, actually. She’s also dealing with being the leader of a new super powered team and that independence brings its own set of challenges. And I’d like to think that both Coulson and Daisy know that. Actress Chloe Bennet and actor Brett Dalton took some time away from filming to discuss this season of “Agents of S. Considering their history, it could be tough for her, but Bennet suspects that her character has grown so much in the last season that she’ll take it in stride. I think she’s on to the next problems that are going on because things go crazy.” “I don’t know if…he’s a straightforward villain,” pipes up Dalton about his character. But malevolent Inhumans like Hive aren’t Daisy’s only concern this season. “Exactly, so to put him with someone who is Inhuman, I thought, was a great move on the writers’ part and also a great way to balance out opinions and keep both of them in check. His theatre credits include Passion Play, Romeo and Juliet, and Happy Now?

Dalton's other television credits include Blue Bloods, Army Wives, and National Geographic Channel's Killing Lincoln, a Tony and Ridley Scott Production.

“The last time we saw Ward, he had just fulfilled his promise to Skye by reuniting her with her father and, in response to that, she shot me three times,” Dalton notes with a laugh.

“Ward [was] hobbling out into the sunset with Agent 33, who is kind of in a similar position to Ward in season one after he lost his mentor/father figure, Agent Garrett [Bill Paxton].” Now that Agent 33 finds herself without a purpose, Dalton compares the duo to “two dented cans walking off together into the sunset. There’s a million different similarities between them. someone who is on a different step of the same journey. Agent Garrett never brainwashed me, but both of these figures have been really good at following orders and have attached themselves to the leadership of a powerful male figure who then disappears on them, and they are left with the questions of, ‘what do I do now?

There was a question at the beginning of season two: ‘can these characters ever get together again?

Essentially playing three different characters, once as Grant Ward, S. “I was all for it, up until we did it,” the actor laughs.

Grant Ward (Brett Dalton) has been absent from “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” since the show’s midseason finale in December, but the March 24 episode sees the turncoat agent make his triumphant return in an action-packed hour titled “Love in the Time of Hydra.” While his former SHIELD teammates are still trying to get to grips with Skye’s (Chloe Bennet) Inhuman transformation following her exposure to the Diviner, Ward has been AWOL with Agent 33 (currently wearing the face of Ming-Na Wen’s Melinda May), a SHIELD agent who was brainwashed by Daniel Whitehall (Reed Diamond) to work for Hydra before his death.