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One of the founding members of the church was an African American woman.Cedar Grove Cemetery has the graves of Confederates who died in the Battle of New Bern, and the National Cemetery holds the remains of Union soldiers and veterans of later wars. The Firemen's Museum has restored equipment and displays honoring more than two centuries of firefighters.

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A major port and trading center in the 1800's, New Bern was captured and occupied by the Union Army after a fierce battle on March 14, 1862.The second church was destroyed in a fire that swept away several buildings in the late 1870's, and today's church was built on the old foundations. First Presbyterian Church, established in 1817, was used as a hospital and lookout during the Civil War.The belfry still shows carved names and initials of Union soldiers.Pepsi Cola, first known as Brad's Drink, was created in 1898 at Bradham's Pharmacy at Middle and Pollock Streets by the young Caleb Bradham.New Bern was one of the earliest cities in the nation-after Boston and Philadelphia-to recognize and celebrate Independence Day.Lauryn is pushed to an emotional state as she overcomes her personal struggles and proves that she's all in.

Kandi's next contestant is Darian, a 27-year-old dance instructor, whose personality clashes with Kandi's production team.

The New Bern Academy, built circa 1806, is the oldest chartered school in the state and is now a museum that houses artifacts that focus on education, architecture, and the Civil War.

Our city flag honors the mother-daughter relationship with Bern, Switzerland.

Combining education and culture with miles of fun, kids will have a blast discovering all the different things to do in this charming Inner Banks town, and are sure to enjoy a vacation that’s filled with activities and memories that will last a lifetime.

Because New Bern is wonderfully close to two major rivers – the Neuse and the Trent Rivers – the community is a paradise for anglers of all varieties, Featuring ample access to saltwater species, brackish and / or freshwater species, and even great offshore species just 45 miles away or so, virtually every variety of fishing can be enjoyed in this region of coastal North Carolina.

New Bern has three historic districts with homes, stores, and churches dating as far back as the early 18th century.