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On June 5, 1933, the United States went off the gold standard, a monetary system in which currency is backed by gold, when Congress enacted a joint resolution nullifying the right of creditors to demand payment in gold.The United States had been on a gold standard since 1879, except...

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To Yoshimura, it’s a battle against the continued rewriting of history, which often casts Japan in a negative light.Senator Robert Kennedy is shot at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles after winning the California presidential primary.Immediately after he announced to his cheering supporters that the country was ready to end its fractious divisions, Kennedy was shot several times by the 22-year-old Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan. A huge section of the city of Constantinople, Turkey, is set ablaze on this day in 1870.“The Mayor of San Francisco would be going against federal government policy direction by installing the statue and monument,” he said.With regard to the view that local governments should not be personally involved in foreign affairs, as diplomacy is the national government’s specialty, Yoshimura argued: “If it were a state or federal-level issue, I would not say anything.The trust between us will evaporate.”If the sister-city relationship is dissolved, municipal celebrations to mark 60 years of municipal and mayoral exchange will be canceled.

On the topic of grass-roots exchanges, such as the high school student exchanges run by the San Francisco Sister City Association, Yoshimura said: “Even if [the sister-city relationship] should be dissolved, if there were interest, I would like to continue to support that.

On this day in 1998, 3,400 members of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union walk out on their jobs at a General Motors (GM) metal-stamping factory in Flint, Michigan, beginning a strike that will last seven weeks and stall production at GM facilities nationwide. At the Battle of Piedmont, Virginia, Union forces under General David Hunter rout a Confederate force led by General William “Grumble” Jones, giving the North their first real success in the 1864 Shenandoah campaign.

As part of his attempt to knock out the Confederates in Virginia, Union General Ulysses S. In one of the most significant speeches of the Cold War, Secretary of State George C.

The office of San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee has Yoshimura spoke to Sankei Shimbun newspaper on November 13th about the weakening relationship of trust between Osaka and San Francisco, further detailing the next steps if their sister-city ties are indeed severed.

-American community groups erected a statue-cum-monument denoting comfort women as “sex slaves” on a private property in San Francisco, with the intention of donating it to the city itself.

When the smoke finally cleared, 3,000 homes were destroyed and 900 people were dead.