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The partying will continue until midnight when all the fireworks that everyone has purchased are shot off everywhere.Bernadette is preparing a big meal that she will be serving to those in our area following the fireworks.

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Excited to be on our way the four of us boarded the East bound train at Rugby.Across the way, Dean and I slipped into the seat together.A wee bit to our left across the isle from where we were seated was a water fountain, and a door to a bathroom. ) went right onto the track to the ground moving below the track.Meeting us, was our Uncle Willard with a big wide smile. They had soup out of cans, sliced bread that came in a red plastic bag, and cereal was out of a box. ============================================== Folks, It is currently noon on Christmas eve in the PI. When we got up this morning folks were waiting for their packages.We four truly felt we were in the lap of a luxury vacation, staying in their mobile home eating “city food in the big city of Grand Forks, with its strange city sounds. Two days later our Uncle and Aunt deposited us at the train station. Each of us now had a confident feeling, “We were well seasoned travelers “making a return trip to Rugby to our parents and soon after the glorious hills awaited. They were all so very happy with the things they got.It’s a shame when family photos go unwanted and unloved! Here’s a photo of him with Dad and others at Dad’s Grand Opening of the Westland Gas Station on Nov. The names, faces and comments about our special place warms my heart.

As I have aged to an extent I did not anticipate, I find the posts more and more valuable.

And if multiple people contact me, I’m hoping that the first person will work with the others to help make copies for the others… and Son Tom Hi Gary, Now I know why the name Donnie Nelson was so familiar to me.

Otherwise, any other people requesting the photo can download the image from the blog to make copies for themselves…I really hope someone does claim the photo. He DID work for Dad at one point at the gas station. (It could be a guy from the Westland headquarters), Sonny Larson, Marlin Williams and Donnie Nelson. , Sonny Larson, Marlin Williams and Donnie Nelson Reply from Bill Hosmer (’48): Tucson, AZ Gary, Congratulations on another anniversary of the finest postings that have enlivened our appreciation for our community around and in Dunseith.

Tomorrow they will have the task of cleaning up all the debris from the fireworks.

Because of the burn marks and debris generated from shooting off these fireworks, we do not allow them in our premises. Gary It’s rather interesting to hear about how my little BB gun story brought Bill Grimme to dig out his old gun and spend time remembering.

For your and your family’s devotion to the citizens of our part of America, I give thanks and gratitude.