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The privateers decided that any ship with cargo was fair game, which included the British.

Capturing a Spanish ship taking treasures from Central and South America back to Spain could make a crew rich for life.North Carolina’s Outer Banks are a unique part of the long chain of barrier islands stretching from Virginia to the Dry Tortugas in the Gulf of Mexico.Over many long years, giant sand dunes have built up with constant wind pressures changing the landscape on a daily basis.Visitors should pay close attention to the daily forecast, and should plan their beach days accordingly.For more information on Outer Banks weather, including local hurricanes, visit our website often to see the forecast for your upcoming Hatteras Island vacation!Legends and history are deeply-rooted in these parts with The Outer Banks Historical Society keeping paperwork and pictures available to the public.

The Wright Brothers Museum, the wild horses of Corolla and the Lost Colony are just a few of the day trip attractions.

The unspoiled landscape of the Outer Banks is limitless and breathtaking.

Inhabited for thousands of years, this beautiful stretch of islands has a rich heritage to study.

The wind and waves that created these islands also afford visitors some of the best water and kite sport locations in the world, along with panoramic sunny skies and constant cooling breezes perfect for any outdoor activity.

Hang gliding, strolling and biking, shipwreck scuba exploration, lighthouse discovery and much more can be found here, all against a picturesque coastal backdrop.

Others suggest that they may have died of starvation, but no one knows for certain.