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It autosaves to your browser’s local storage, so if you close the tab or browser while you’re in the middle of creating the invoice, you don’t lose everything.

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You can save the template and automatically create a new invoice with the click of a button.Invoice At Once lacks a few features that I prefer: a text field before the invoice to address the client, a print button, and company and client information fields that are copy and paste friendly, i.e.not individual boxes for each unit of information (e.g. Pros Billable is a streamlined invoice-creating website and its lack of features is almost a feature in itself.Where some websites in this article have a creative design and a lot of features, Billable maintains a clean, simple interface, without lacking any of the necessary functions such as large text boxes for copy and paste ease, and dedicated Print, Download and Save buttons.Yes, even this feature-sparse website has the ability to save the latest invoice in your browser’s cache.In this article, we’ll go over a comprehensive, but brief overview of each website, rating it and its invoice, on professional look, ease of use, features, data saving, and user interface.

The Invoiced Lite template has everything you need and would expect, including adjustable currency and tax rates.

The text boxes for your and your client’s information are also easy to paste into without repetitive tabbing and typing of each line.

Pros is another basic invoice creator, with very few, but useful features.

They fixed it very quickly and informed me of the change.

They were also interested in my feedback as to how they could improve the user experience.

A dedicated “Clear Template” button wipes everything clean, including your company information (unfortunately).