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Bisexual online chat room

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recognizes that the LGBTQ community is large and in some cases being LGBTQ can lead to the mental health conditions listed above, for example, depression.Our network is offering a forum to the LGBTQ community to not only forge new friendships, but to hopefully help those who find themselves depressed, friendless or anxious due to lack of acceptance.

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To subscribe to STR8S: Send an email to [email protected] the body of the email type 'Subscribe [your email address]' Note: Due to AOL security policies, we do not subscribe AOL email addresses; Likewise due to recent changes at Yahoo, we do not subscribe Yahoo email addresses either; please get a gmail, Hotmail, or similar type address before subscribing.We also recognize that there are those who are accepted unconditionally by their loved ones as well.We here at We understand the many pressures associated with both living openly in the LGBTQ community and the pain and loneliness in feeling like you must live a closeted existence.Many of these pressures come from stigma, social isolation, family relationships, homophobia and transphobia.Having to face these issues alone can often lead to depression and/or anxiety disorders.The spouses on this list are trying to work through relationship problems after the coming out of the gay, lesbian, or bisexual spouse.

The goal is constructive resolution of problems so that a positive relationship can be maintained or restored.

Str8s is for straight husbands, wives, and partners, who wish to share concerns after their spouses or partners who come out as gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

On the list, members provide each other support as they work out diverse ways to resolve post-disclosure issues.

We are a diverse group of British (or occasionally non-British but resident in the UK) women who are dealing with our situation in various ways but we are always here for each other in a non-judgmental and supportive manner."This mailing list is for (current or former) straight spouses of bisexual, gay, or lesbian partners.

If you need a place where you can FREELY express yourself and wish to talk to others that are going through the same thing .. Alternate Path is a group for the wives and female partners of gay/bi men where the female partner wishes to remain in the marriage/relationship and needs support in discussing the issues which are commonly faced when learning about the fact of a husband/partners homo/bisexuality.

invites you to use this medium to connect with others who share your experiences and struggles through your own personal life journey.