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Birthcontrol and dating

By using this pill, there are more chances of getting pregnant rather than using combination pill.The mini-pill must be taken on a daily basis; it will result in no period or irregular periods.

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Some women ended up being pregnant while taking the pills, but there was no evidence found regarding miscarriage or abnormalities in pregnancy while they were on the pill.The effects of birth control pills on the unborn baby have been addressed by several researchers.To prevent ovulation from occurring, a combination pill, composed of estrogen and progesterone, is used.During the initial seven days of consuming this pill, it is important to use other ways of contraception to avoid getting pregnant.After that, the pill alone will be effective in preventing pregnancy.In case you forget to take a pill, it is important that you use other forms of contraception.

Here is a video to tell you what's the relationship between birth control pill and pregnancy: You know the general relation between birth control pill and pregnancy, you should also pay attention to the side effects of the pills.

For the pack which contains 21 pills, seven pill free days are observed, whereas in the case of the 28 day pack, hormone free pills are taken in the last seven days of the month.

Once the hormone pill is stopped, a woman will have her period.

With the decrease in the dosage of hormones, the risk linked with birth control pills has also reduced to a great extent.

The following are some of the side effects experienced with birth control pills: There are several reasons why one can end up having a pill at a later time or skipping it altogether.

Once people talk about birth control pill and pregnancy, they usually think about the effect that birth control pill has on pregnancy.