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Billy miller young and the restless dating

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I'm just being really strategic about it because I don't want to ask for anything and then not be able to deliver.

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We've had little funny jokes about, well, I don't want to give away too much!It's just a matter of getting those fans to come over and getting familiar with the whole process, because it's not really something that's been done yet.So we're hoping that it will work, and I hope that whatever questions I ask them, they'll want to be a part of it. It's just a matter of getting them over there and knowing that I will be answering their prayers, if possible. I don't want people to think it's a gimmick, because it really isn't.You know, like little things like as the show continues, and hopefully it will take off swimmingly, I'll be able to put up two different profiles of who Max can go out on a date with, or what should Max wear on a date, or maybe different hairstyle changes, fashion, wherever we can include them in the process. It was really something that just sounded different and cool.And like I said, the way I've been dealing with my fans and how I get to hear through Twitter or before Twitter existed, I would get boxes and boxes of letters of how people were seeing and experiencing things.And just what would Chloe do if her ex really turned out to be gay?

spoke with the actress, who's preparing to shoot the pilot for her new web series 30 Days Max to find out.

And now, people all of a sudden are like, "Oh yeah, I saw you on Tinder." You're not judged now.

And then there are the stories of all my other girlfriends.

She was on Match[.com] before you could even upload a photo.

You had to describe what you looked like, and she described herself as a mix of Gillian Anderson from X-Files and a Muppet [laughs]. That's pretty much a topic of conversation with all of my girlfriends right now, especially my married girlfriends.

noted that a new ABC promo for Burton's return to the daytime drama seems to suggest the actor will once again play Jason Morgan, a character who is now portrayed by Billy Miller.