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Big intimidating dog names

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Therefore, you should only consider a Pitbull if you own your own home that has a reinforced fenced in yard.

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One of which involves choosing a kibble that is formulated for their stage of life.Meaning, that both parents must be Blue Pits to create Blue Pit puppies.Unfortunately, this recessive gene is somewhat difficult to find and therefore, many breeders will use inbreeding to make a quick buck.By reading the ingredients list and nutritional facts labels on the packaging you should be able to decipher what is in the kibble.–Exercise: Pitbulls, regardless of the color variety, require a lot of intense exercises.They should walk, jog, swim or play a game of fetch a couple of times a day to release their pent up energy.Blue Nose Pitbulls tend to demonstrate many of the same personality traits and temperaments as any other Pitbull color variation.

However, many Blue Pit owners report a unique sweet-natured character about them that is not uncommon for the breed, but, seems to be particularly heightened in this color variety. Pitbulls, in general, can be docile creatures and can exhibit various positive behavioral traits that any other dog breed can, especially if they are properly trained and socialized.

For example, if he is still in his puppyhood then you should choose a quality dry puppy kibble.

Puppyhood generally lasts until the dog reaches his first birthday. Check with your veterinarian about feeding based on stages of life for your individual dog.

However, the American Pitbull Terrier originated in England and was used to bait bulls and bears during a fight.

When this sport became illegal, the dog owners began encouraging their dogs to fight one another. Pitbulls are still used for dog fighting to this day.

On the other hand, if he is your jogging buddy then he should be eating a formula produced for active dogs.