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While the trolled is busy trying to balance the coin to drop in the funnel, on his nose, pour a glass of cold water down the funnel. I've got a couple cats, too, but they're all animals, and I don't think it's right to give some of them a "Get out of stew" card and others a "GET IN MAH BELLEH" order: Asians.

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Anonymous: Reminds me of the funnel-in-the-trousers-coin-on-tip-of-nose trick. (I don't know as I don't need one unlike some others here so maybe they can confirm it)?? Any slut who can take that yellow one is no use to me(or any other human).: The horror that you feel is probably not unlike the horror that a Hindu feels when you bite into a hamburger. Pigs are fairly smart, believe it or not, and I, personally, keep several fish as pets.

I guess that either she doesn't give a fuck becuase it's fucking fun to do, or she's as stupid as the group looks. Anonymous: ^ everyday stuff in 3rd world countries. TAKE A GOOD LOOK WHERE YOU'RE SHARING YOUR SO-CALLED "EDUCATED" OPINIONS. REALIZE THAT YOU'RE WORTHLESS.: @ anon "TAKE A GOOD LOOK WHERE YOU'RE SHARING YOUR SO-CALLED "EDUCATED" OPINIONS. REALIZE THAT YOU'RE WORTHLESS." : Is that blue thing in the middle on those fake pussies? : This is someone who has those sex toy parties to sell the shit and everything has to be run through the dishwasher afterwards. Nobody gets mad when they see a lobster on a plate, or a frog that's had it's legs chopped off.

Tori takes her infatuation with Mr Renshaw to the next level I always loved evenings like this.